Dog Food

Ethically Raised is the first and only raw dog food company certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

Ethical Raw Dog Food

Our ethical raw dog food is made using only ethically sourced british meat from animals that are 100% grass-fed. It's better for your dog and it's better for the planet. 

About Ethically Raised

We're revolutionising the pet food industry, one bowl at a time.

Ethically Raised was created to set a benchmark in transparency. We believe that dog food should be good for dogs and good for the planet - and that's what we set out to achieve.

We are the first pet food company in the world to be certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

We take great pride in finding the best regenerative farmers that use 100% grass fed standards and as well as having the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

Dog Food
Raw dog food sourced from regenerative farms