We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to dog food and it's not always easy to understand why you should choose one over another. So we're laying out exactly what makes us different and why you should choose us if you care about your dog's nutrition and the planet.

1. We exceed FEDIAF guidelines

We are the first raw dog food company in the UK to publicly publish our lab results, proving that our dog food is balanced and complete with the correct level of nutrients for FEDIAF guidelines. To date we know of no other brand that has done this. 

2. We only work with regenerative farms

Our farmers follow the highest animal welfare standards in the world as they are certified by Pasture for life and A Greener World and are audited annually. Our ethical standards and policies can be found on their website under standards.

3. Our food is 100% grass-fed and non-GMO certified

We are 100% grass fed and Non GMO certified this includes foods fed to the animals and the non-meat ingredients that go into our raw dog food.  

4. We are the first company to use Algae oil in our recipes

We use algae oil in our raw dog food for optimum Omega 3 goodness without the risk of heavy metals. 

5. Our food is kelp free

We have banned kelp from being used in our products. This is because kelp (Laminaria) has significant levels of inorganic arsenic. It also has extremely high levels of Iodine content compared to our Organic Handpicked Dulse Seaweed.

Kelp Iodine level range: min 2,197 mg, Avg 3,200mg, Max 4,904 mg which is a massive jump.

Dulse seaweed range: min 66 mg, avg 193mg, max 455 mg. Less of jump. Our Toothpaste powder range is between: min 429mg, Avg 624 mg, Max 1000mg.

6. We use double strength turmeric

This means we get 6% Curcumin which is similar to some pastes on the market. The key benefits of turmeric are: aid of Digestion, skin & coat, joint aid and general health and well-being.

7. All of our non-meat ingredients are organic

We use organic fruits, vegetables, seeds (pumpkin & sunflower) to reduce pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers.

8. Considered packaging

We use first-of-its-kind in the UK Kraft paper packaging for raw food which also has a super fast defrosting ability due to its thickness which makes it space saving and very easy to store in ALL freezer sizes.

We use wool insulation for our boxes instead of using Hydrocarbon Polystyrene.

9. Small batch

We hand make all of our food in small batches to make sure we give our customers a consistent product that doesn’t overheat. This also means we avoid any waste.

10. Sustainable seaweed

Our certified-organic seaweed is sustainable and hand picked off the shores of Scotland by SHORE. This means it's tested to the highest standards and is some of the cleanest seaweed in the UK.

11. We are 100% factory farming free

That means no cages, crates or feedlots.

12. Our farmers are our partners

We print the name of our farmers on our packaging and we're the only company in the world to do this. We want you to know where your dog's food comes from and how important farmers are in restoring the British landscape.

13. We clean naturally

We believe that no other company uses UV light and plant-based cleaning products to naturally clean their facilities, we do. 

All this means that we truly are the GOLD standard of the pet food industry and we hope you'll choose us for all your raw dog food needs. 

Any questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help.