April 23 - 2022

How our raw beef dog food is ultra-low carbon

A true story of regenerative cow farming, ultra-low carbon dog food and the Ethically Raised ethos.  This is a statement from our founder David Kemp. He started this journey with a passion for regenerative agriculture and spent years gathering data, opinions and opposition to develop his own well-informed viewpoints backed by the information he has found. Our founder has written this article, and it is what he truly believes in and has built Ethically Raised upon. His opinion may differ from the current global narrative, but this is the foundation he has laid out and is building the company upon. ...
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April 10 - 2022

How to transition your dog onto a raw food diet

Welcome to the beginning of your raw feeding journey. If you're here, you are wondering how to take your dog from eating an ultra-processed diet to a nutrient-rich, healthy, fresh raw diet. Great start!

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