We're redefining standards in the pet food industry


We're revolutionising the pet food industry, one bowl at a time.

Ethically Raised was created to set a benchmark in transparency. We believe that dog food should be good for dogs and good for the planet - and that's what we set out to achieve.

We source all our meats from Pasture for Life & A Greener World certified farms. Vetted by us, these farmers practice regenerative agriculture, ensuring that their farming works in harmony with the natural world. By rearing pasture-fed animals, they're allowing more carbon to be locked into the soil, helping to reverse the effects of manmade climate change. Every ingredient is sourced transparently and ethically, making sure your dog eats only the highest quality foods that do good for the planet.

We're proud to be the first (and currently only) pet food to be certified for leading standards in environmental conservation and animal welfare. Every meal is expertly formulated by our nutritionists and tested to meet FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) guidelines as a minimum.

Our mission is to bring high quality, healthy food to every dog - without harming the planet in the process.


Our founder

Ethically Raised founder David Kemp started the business to create the change he wanted to see in the pet food industry. Dave launched his very own doggy daycare, Schnoodles, back in January 2015. Since launching Schnoodles, Dave has taken a keen interest in the science behind the best food for dogs, as well as alternative remedies and prefers to take a holistic approach when offering advice to customers. ⠀

His passion for dogs and their welfare led Dave on a journey where he discovered the sad truth about the lack of transparency in the pet food industry. As he started his own raw feeding journey, with not only his dog but those he looked after at Schnoodles too, he noticed the transformative effects raw food had on dogs' health. 

As Dave started to investigate the provenance of the ingredients needed he became aware of a new and exciting development in livestock farming in the UK...  Regenerative Agriculture treats farmed animals as a part of an ecosystem integrated into nature, not separate from it, and these methods of farming can produce meat of exceptional nutritional quality that is carbon negative meaning more carbon is taken out of the atmosphere than is released, building soil and increasing biodiversity. 

Regenerative agriculture enables us to feed our pets a species appropriate diet that provides them with the best possible nutrition, raising them ethically, in harmony with nature.

Dave joined forces with dog nutritionist Junior Hudson to start Ethically Raised and use his knowledge to help dog owners access the best most ethically raised raw dog food there is. 

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