Raw dog food, sourced from regenerative farms
Raw Grass Fed Venison Dog Food Raw Grass Fed Venison Dog Food Raw Grass Fed Venison Dog Food Raw Grass Fed Venison Dog Food

Raw Grass Fed Venison Dog Food

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Box of 10 - 500g Raw dog food pouches made using only ethically sourced British Venison from animals that are 100% grass fed.

Ethically Raised is the first and only raw dog food company certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

Working with Junior Hudson, a Canine Integrative Wellness Consultant nutritionist we have developed the ideal recipe to transition your adult dog onto a raw food diet.

  • Biologically appropriate

  • Nutritionally balanced

  • Ultra low carbon

  • Beyond organic

  • Beyond sustainable

*Please note that some dogs may find venison too rich as a protein source and may not tolerate it. Choose beef or another protein if this is the case and please let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

Our nutritionally balanced raw dog food comes in recyclable boxes as less deliveries equals less food miles and is more environmentally friendly.

10 packs of raw venison dog food per box:

  • 500g packs

  • Ultra thin packaging for rapid defrosting

  • Easy to stack in the freezer, taking up less space

Delivered within 48hrs.

Orders will be delivered within 48 hours if orders are received by 4pm on a Thursday. Orders placed on Friday will be delivered the following Tuesday. 


25% organic fruit, vegetables, seeds, algae oil and double strength Turmeric. 75% meat, bone and offal.

Grass Fed Venison: Whole Cuts, Liver, Kidney

*Squash, *Spinach, *Asparagus, *Blueberries, *Raspberries, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Sunflower Seeds, *Seaweed, Algae Oil, *Turmeric (6% Curcumin)

*Organically Certified 

Our feeding calculator can help you calculate how much raw food your dog needs

Our raw dog food is designed for adult working dogs.

Further Product Information:

Moisture 72.3%
Protein 16.8 %
Fat 6.8 %
Ash 1.5 %
Fibre 0.6 %


EARN £5 Gift Card

If you would like to send us back our puffin wool packaging and icepacks for reuse then please save up 5 sets of liners and put them into a box and return them to earn a £5 gift card as a thank you for recycling them with us. Please send them back to the following address and leave us a note with your name and email address.

Bailey Hill Farm, Amersham Road, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP84RT

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Really small dog
Small dog
Medium dog
Big dog
Really big dog
Ultra low carbon
Ultra low carbon

We only use meat sources from farms that practice regenerative agriculture. This practice works carbon back into the soil.

Beyond organic
Beyond organic

Organic fruits, vegetables and seeds are used with with meat from farms that respect nature; non GMO, free from chemical pesticides, fertilisers and additives.

Beyond sustainable
Beyond sustainable

From ingredient sourcing to packaging our ethos of sustainability is ever present. We are the first and only pet food brand to be certified by Pasture For Life and A Greener World.

Biologically appropriate
Biologically appropriate

Food as nature designed. All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and are formulated in ratios to support optimum health.

Nutritionally balanced
Nutritionally balanced

Our recipes are formulated and tested to meet FEDIAF (European Pet Food Federation) guidelines as a minimum, providing all required vitamins and minerals.